Gadar 2 Box Office Collection Day 17: Shattering Records and Earnings Analysis

Introduction : Gadar 2 Box Office Collection

In the realm of Indian cinema, where stories and emotions come to life on the silver screen, “Gadar 2” emerged as a shining star, captivating audiences with its captivating narrative and stellar performances. However, as time progressed, the dynamics of its box office journey underwent a transformation. This article delves into the journey of “Gadar 2” at the box office, analyzing its initial triumphs and subsequent challenges.

The Initial Triumph

Sunny Deol’s cinematic masterpiece, “Gadar 2,” burst onto the scene, eliciting waves of applause and enthusiasm from cinephiles. Its initial release witnessed exceptional success, firmly establishing its position among the blockbuster hits. The film’s debut coincided with the release of Akshay Kumar’s “OMG 2,” igniting a fierce battle for audience attention at the box office.

Reunion of Legends

A significant highlight of “Gadar 2” was the reunion of the legendary duo, Sunny Deol and Amisha Patel, after a hiatus of 22 years. Their portrayal of Tara Singh and Sakina resonated deeply with the audience, resulting in an impressive collection of over Rs 200 crore within a short span, both in India and across the globe.

Winds of Change

However, like the changing winds, the film’s box office fortunes underwent a transformation. “Gadar 2,” which once reigned supreme, encountered a decline in its earnings. On one fateful Thursday, the film earned 8 crores, but the following Friday marked a downturn as “Dream Girl 2” made its entrance, further impacting the earnings of “Gadar 2.”

The Earnings Analysis

As the journey progressed to the 17th day, “Gadar 2” faced challenges in maintaining its previous earnings. Despite its prior glory, the film managed to accumulate only 6.7 crores on this day. The diminishing excitement among the audience became apparent, leading to reflections on the film’s performance.

The release of “Dream Girl-2,” featuring Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Pandey, presented a new contender in the arena. The influence of this fresh release on the earnings of “Gadar 2” was unmistakable. On that particular Thursday, “Gadar 2” secured an earnings of 8 crores, whereas its subsequent earnings dwindled to 4 crores, underscoring the impact of competition.

A Global Perspective

“Gadar 2” didn’t just captivate the hearts of Indian audiences; its resonance spanned across borders. With a worldwide collection touching the mark of 545 crores, the film’s global success was undeniable. Notably, this success was achieved amidst competition, as films like “Jailor” vied for attention. “Gadar 2” emerged triumphant, showcasing the enduring love for Sunny Deol even after two decades. Utkarsh Sharma’s portrayal as Sunny Deol’s on-screen son and the addition of Simrat Kaur added depth to the film’s narrative.


In the world of cinema, the journey of a film at the box office is marked by highs and lows, triumphs and challenges. “Gadar 2” exemplifies this journey, from its grand entrance to the fierce competition it faced. The film’s enduring success, both nationally and internationally, is a testament to its impact on the hearts of the audience.


Q1: Is “Gadar 2” still performing well at the box office? Yes, “Gadar 2” initially performed exceptionally well at the box office, but it faced a decline in earnings over time.

Q2: How did “Dream Girl 2” impact “Gadar 2’s” earnings? The release of “Dream Girl 2” influenced “Gadar 2’s” earnings, causing a decrease in its collections.

Q3: What is the significance of “Gadar 2’s” global success? “Gadar 2” achieved a remarkable global collection of 545 crores, signifying its universal appeal.

Q4: Who were the lead actors in “Gadar 2”? Sunny Deol and Amisha Patel played the lead roles in “Gadar 2.”Q5: How did the film “Jailor” relate to “Gadar 2”? Initially, “Jailor” earned more than “Gadar 2,” but eventually, “Gadar 2” surpassed it in earnings.

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