Zach Bryan Announces ‘Quittin Time’ Tour Stop at Wells Fargo Arena Next April.


In an exciting announcement for country music enthusiasts, the talented singer-songwriter Zach Bryan is all set to grace the stage at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines next April. With a history of delivering electrifying performances, Bryan’s upcoming tour promises to be a memorable event that fans won’t want to miss.

Zach Bryan: A Dynamic Performer Takes the Stage

Zach Bryan’s name is synonymous with captivating performances and soulful melodies. Recently, he made quite the impact with a lively set on the second day of the St. Charles music festival, Hinterland. His energy and passion on stage left a lasting impression, setting the stage for his much-anticipated performance at the Wells Fargo Arena.

Special Guests and Date

Mark your calendars for April 26, 2024, as Zach Bryan takes the stage at the Wells Fargo Arena. The singer has an exciting lineup planned, with special guests including The Middle East and Levi Turner. This promises a night of diverse musical experiences that cater to a wide range of tastes.

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Unveiling the Self-Titled Album

Adding to the excitement, Zach Bryan recently released a remarkable self-titled album, showcasing his musical prowess. Consisting of 16 thoughtfully crafted songs, the album is a testament to Bryan’s talent as both a singer and a producer. The album also boasts notable collaborations, such as “I Remember Everything” featuring Kacey Musgraves, “Spotless” with The Lumineers, and the soulful track “Hey Driver” featuring The War and Treaty.

Building on Success

Zach Bryan’s 2024 tour comes on the heels of the immensely successful “Burn, Burn, Burn Tour” of the previous year. This tour not only shattered attendance records across various venues but also saw tickets selling out within moments. The anticipation for the “Quittin Time” tour is already at a fever pitch, promising an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

The Tour Kickoff

The excitement begins with a bang as the “Quittin Time” tour kicks off with back-to-back shows at the renowned United Center in Chicago during early March. This signals a series of performances that will undoubtedly leave a mark on the country music landscape.

Beyond the Genre

While Zach Bryan is often associated with country music, his musical style transcends traditional boundaries. Hailing from Oklahoma, his work carries the influences of his roots, but it also pushes the envelope, captivating audiences from various musical preferences.

Ticket Information

For those eager to secure their spot at this much-anticipated event, registration for the “Quittin Time” tour is now open at The presale for tickets is scheduled to commence on September 6 at noon, lasting through September 7. Tickets will subsequently go on sale to the general public on September 8, ensuring everyone has a chance to be part of this musical extravaganza.

Setting Records in Wichita

Zach Bryan’s impact on the music scene is undeniable, as demonstrated by his recent performance at the Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita. A sold-out show that hosted a staggering 16,172 fans not only set a new attendance record but also left an indelible mark on the arena’s history.

Unprecedented Achievements

In addition to the record-breaking attendance, Bryan’s concert generated the highest-grossing sales for both food and beverages as well as merchandise for a single-concert event in the arena’s history. This accomplishment speaks volumes about his connection with his fans and his ability to create an electrifying atmosphere.

The Words of Appreciation

AJ Boleski, the general manager of Intrust Bank Arena, expressed his awe at the night’s events. He hailed Zach Bryan as a special musician, artist, and performer whose historic night at the arena will be remembered for years to come. The energy and enthusiasm displayed by Bryan and his fans marked a momentous occasion in the arena’s 13-year history.


In conclusion, the announcement of Zach Bryan’s “Quittin Time” tour stop at the Wells Fargo Arena next April has sent waves of excitement through the music community. With his unique blend of talent and charisma, Bryan promises an evening of unforgettable performances and magical musical moments. As fans eagerly await the tour’s commencement, one thing is certain – this event is bound to be a highlight of the musical calendar.


1. When and where is Zach Bryan’s “Quittin Time” tour stop?

Zach Bryan’s “Quittin Time” tour stop is scheduled for April 26, 2024, at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines.

2. Who are the special guests joining Zach Bryan on his tour?

The special guests joining Zach Bryan on his tour include The Middle East and Levi Turner.

Zach Bryan’s self-titled album features collaborations such as “I Remember Everything” with Kacey Musgraves, “Spotless” with The Lumineers, and “Hey Driver” with The War and Treaty.

4. How can I purchase tickets for the “Quittin Time” tour?

Tickets for the “Quittin Time” tour can be purchased during the presale period starting on September 6 at noon. General public ticket sales will begin on September 8.

5. What records did Zach Bryan set at the Intrust Bank Arena?

Zach Bryan set records for attendance, food and beverage sales, and merchandise sales at the Intrust Bank Arena, showcasing his immense popularity and impact on the music scene.

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